Guide [HIDE CONTENT] How To Use and Earn Credits from Hide Reply/React Function!


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Dec 14, 2021
As you might know - there is also a feature that can help you earn more credits! The " hidereply/hidethanks " feature.
We might have to dig more into that- to help you familiarize yourself and you can use this tool any time you like!

By nature, discussion topics and their replies, and also the reacts are meant to be seen by the entire community. By using this, it will hide any replies or reactions to your posts.

The main content of this feature is that;
  • It can be used to hide a part of the post that the author wants to hide.
  • The audience/ readers will not see the content until they reply or react to a post.

How to make use of this feature?
  • Click the symbol in the picture below and you'll be seeing a lot of options from the drop-down menu

  • You will be seeing a text box that will pop up and you can input the material that you wanted to hide.
  • After proceeding; this is how your post will show to other users; react/like to the author's post to see the part of the content or the whole content.

If you choose the Hide Reaction Feature; this is what it looks like from other users' POV


If you choose the Hide Reply Feature; this is what it looks like from other users' POV.


And why does this feature let you earn more credits? YOU'LL EARN 1 CREDIT FOR EVERY REACTION TO YOUR POST.
Credits will be given to your account for future use, and at the same time, you will let others see your content just by reacting!
What do you think? :unsure:;):giggle:

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