Request How To Request EBOOKS/Video Courses/Lectures in AfKForums!


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Dec 14, 2021
Follow the 4 easy steps below to learn how to request the materials you wish to have!

1. Create a new thread on the Request Medical Resources section.

2. The title of the thread should have this format: Ebook/Course/Lecture FULL title + Format

Example: Gray's Surface Anatomy and Ultrasound (PDF)

3. Input Request as the prefix.

4. Content should include the following details:
  • EBOOK/Course/Lecture FULL title
  • Cover Image (Copy from original website)
  • Authors / Writers
  • Edition/Publication year
  • Format required (for example, PDF, videos, account, etc.)

    The purpose of this forum is to share info with other members of the medical community! If you have the materials that other users are requesting, please share --- and it's up to you if you're going to charge credits for your own materials/posts.
??? Always remember, that the goal of this forum is to share and make connections in the same industry. Happy viewing readers!